Custom Films

Shrink Bundling     MailWrap     Specialty Films

Manufactured right on site, our films can be made to fit your needs. Contact a Norflex, Inc. representative today to get started.

Shrink Bundling

Norflex, Inc. utilizes state-of-the-art auto-gauge and extrusion-control technology to provide increased yield, uptime, and uniformity on all films. Customizable to exceed any L-bar sealer or high-speed over-wrap shrink tunnel system.

SecureWrap Shrink Bundling

SecureWrap has a lower seal temperature to increase savings. It also allows tighter packaging for less material waste.


For film over film applications

  • Customizable T/D shrink
  • Low shrink and seal temperatures

MailWrap Postal Poly

MailWrap is a postal-approved film certified under the USPS-T-3204 test procedure. Produced with special attention to clarity, strength, and uniformity, MailWrap provides maximum uptime and throughput. 

Specialty Films

Norflex, Inc. offers custom availability of colors and additives without sacrificing lead time.

Specialty Films

  • Lamination Film
  • Form, Fill, Seal (FFS)
  • Mulch Film
  • Industrial Sheeting
  • Custom: 300% Stretch Film
  • Compression Film
  • Converter-Grade Film
  • Fiberglass Roving
  • Roll Wrap

Premium Grade Additives

  • VCI for anti-corrosion applications
  • UVI—A powerful 12-month UV inhibitor for outdoor storage
  • Static-dissipative protection for static- and combustion-sensitive
  • Complete line of custom colors

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Standard materials: LDPE, LLDPE, MDPE, EVA, and custom formulations
  • Co-extruded film
  • Width: 3-100"
  • Thickness: 60ga. – 6mil
  • Jumbo rolls: Up to 43" OD
  • Cores: 3" I.D. or 6" I.D.
  • Pre-stretch
  • In-line slitting
  • Venting

Our lead times are the fastest in the industry.